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Solar Panel

Solar Water Pump

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This is part of AGS Solar Water Pump PoA in India under Gold Standard. This PoA comprises small-scale VPA being implemented by AGS client. The PoA is open for adding more Solar Pump based VPAs from India.

Image by Manki Kim

Clean Water Access

An Innovative Solution

Multi-country program being developed under Gold Standard involving clean water access to households across four countries in Africa with the help of Carbon Finance

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Clean Cookstoves project in Uganda

A Story of Success

AGS Carbon helped its client successfully renew the crediting period under Gold Standard despite challenging conditions. The project also resulted in successful issuance of 200,000 high quality carbon offsets

Led flashlight with mini solar panel on the white background.jpg

Micro lending based Multi Country Solar Lighting Carbon Program in Africa

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Carbon program involving the distribution of millions of solar home lamps in Kenya & Uganda. Successfully issued 150,000 Offsets under CDM>

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